I'm an inventor, entrepreneur and investor. I'm a co-founder and partner of FuturePlay Inc., a top-tier start-up accelerator innovating technolgies. In this company, I am in charge of managing IP assets and helping portfolio companies to invent innovative ideas. I completed Ph.D. dissertation titled "PseudoSensor: Emulation of Input Modality by Repurposing Sensors on Mobile Devices" in the graduate schoold of Culture Technology at KAIST. I have published 30+ papers and 300+ patents that introduce novel input technologies for future smart devices. Several inventions have been transacted to the world’s leading companies and some have been used as seed ideas for startups.

I'm interested in designing novel interaction techniques and input technologies that encompass both academic and industrial value. In the academic side, my works have been presented at academic conferences such as ACM CHI, UIST, MobileHCI, and IDC. In the industrial side, several inventions including VirtualThumb, KoreanShaper, and DistortableBar have been transacted to the leading companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, Victronics and NPEs. Basically, my works are based on my curiosity of everyday things. Hence, most of them are from a variety of fields, including computer science, psychology, art, and design. I also run several websites such as a micro blog ( UXInventions ) which introduces recent technologies and ideas, and a personal blog ( InventUp ) where I wrote my experiences in the startup field.

Last Update: 2017. Feb.


Inventor, Entrepreneur, UX designer, Maker, Developer, Researcher, Earlyadopter, Idea consultant, Patent seller, Company builder


1. 매력 (Woo) 2. 최상주의자 (Maximizer) 3. 착상 (Ideation) 4. 행동주의자 (Activator) 5. 미래지향 (Futuristic)

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